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Sharing stories around a fire is very much part of African culture ...

Spot the stripes! There’s no doubt about it, one of our guests’ favourite things to see on their safari with us is the Burchell’s zebra. Named after British explorer and naturalist William John Burchell, they’re part of the extended equine family and a sub-species of the widespread plains zebra. You can easily tell them apart from other zebra species because of the “shadow” stripe between their stripes. At this time of year you often see zebra at our waterholes and dams as they come down to drink, usually in the morning and early evening. This is a dangerous time for our plains game as predators often lie in wait! As the sun goes down, the danger levels increase!

However, sunset and early evening are two of our favourite times of day here at Nyala Safari Lodge and Nyala Sands, when we prepare for our guests’ return from the afternoon/evening game drive, lighting an obligatory bush fire on our deck or in our beautiful boma, where everyone can gather and talk about the things they have seen and share amazing stories of their experiences in wild Africa. We call the fire a “bush TV” because of the mesmerising effect the flickering flames have on those who sit around it! Sharing stories around a fire is very much part of African culture and it’s wonderful that we can share this ancient tradition with our guests and make them part of our story in the process.

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