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Even though Nyala Safari Lodge is fenced, wildlife inevitably finds its way through and spends time exploring our lovely little camp. Some animals even use the camp as a safehaven, enjoying in the relative safety of the lodge. We’ve had a little female bushbuck who has become a “regular” here in camp. And we’ve even had elephant take advantage of an open gate to pay us a visit – which is always a special experience for our guests.

Elephants are probably one of the favourite animals to see here on the Balule private game reserve. It’s always a thrill to come across them on game drives too and just stop and watch their behaviour and interactions with one another, learning cool facts about them along the way. For example, did you know that an elephant’s tusks are actually just two teeth? They’re incisors that keep growing throughout the elephant’s life, getting bigger, longer and thicker the older and larger the elephant becomes. Elephants favour one side over the other and can be left or right “tusked” – you’ll often see one tusk shorter than the other from increased wear and tear. This is called the “slave” tusk. The longer, lesser used one is known as the “master” tusk.

Another firm favourite here at Nyala is the spotted hyena. Although not everyone’s favourite animal (they have a bit of a bad reputation) they are actually one of the most interesting animals… Hyena clans are presided over by a single “queen” or matriarch, and far from being mindless scavengers they are skilled and intelligent hunters, able to bring down large prey such as buffalo. Although it’s true that they aren’t the prettiest mammal in the bush, their cubs are exceedingly cute and always entertaining to watch!

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