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Nothing is ever the same two days running in the bush!

One of the questions often asked by people who have never been on safari is “don’t you get bored doing two game drives each and every day?” Fortunately, it’s an easy question to answer, with a resounding “NO”! You see the bush never looks the same from one day to the next, thanks to the unseen magic of Africa and the subtle changes in light and weather conditions. And the plants and animals which call the wilderness home are never sedentary – they are always growing and moving, flowering or wilting, eating or sleeping… Nothing is ever the same two days running in the bush!

The thing that makes each and every game drive unique is the uncertainty of what you might see – that magical expectation and anticipation that around the next corner there might be something incredible – the sighting of a lifetime. Sometimes it’s not at all what you may expect… You’ll be searching for elephants and round a bend will be a pride of lion… You’ll have had a really slow morning and as you crest the next hill there will be a herd of buffalo spread out before you… That’s the nature of the bush – you never know what to expect.

There are always going to be the more challenging drives where the game is reluctant to show itself, but that’s when our amazing guide Wesley shines, sharing his stories of the bush and interpretations of what’s around you, telling you about the little things that are often overlooked on a game drive, sharing his knowledge and passion of the African wilderness.

Our game drives are meant to inspire you, to help you to understand wild Africa in all its incredible glory and to get to know the intricate relationship between all of the fauna and flora. It’s often said that visiting Africa is a life-changing experience, and we agree. We want you to leave us feeling that your eyes have been opened and your heart filled with love for this amazing place. That way we know you’ll be back!

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