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Beauty and the Beast!

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

Of all Africa’s iconic wildlife species, the giraffe is perhaps one of the most popular and a firm favourite of our guests here at Nyala Safari Lodge. There’s something indescribable about giraffes. Perhaps it’s their innate grace and slender looks, or their long eyelashes and even longer tongues, or maybe it’s those magnificent long necks and impossibly long legs, and that striking coat… They really are the supermodels of the bush, and we just love them for it!

From the sublime to the ridiculous… And another of our regular sightings here at Nyala – the spotted hyaena.

Lots of people think it’s scary because it looks menacing and has a bit of a bad reputation, given that it is regarded as a scavenger. But we think hyaenas rock! They’re certainly very cute as little cubs, and this much maligned creature is in reality anything but a savage brute, displaying amazing intelligence and lots of character. Hyaena clans are ruled by a single matriarch who leads the clan. And they actually hunt more than they scavenge and are very gentle with their offspring. How’s that for a misunderstood carnivore?

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