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Scrumptious summer is upon us!

Savour the mouth watering flavours of our amazing green season...

It’s the season for amazing food here at Nyala Safari Lodge and Nyala Sands, with sensational salads and fabulous summer dishes on offer with our wonderful, al fresco lunches.

From wonderful freshly baked breads and rolls to a riotous smorgasbord of fabulously fresh salads, cold meats, quiches and fruits, lunchtime offers the perfect way to savour the mouthwatering flavours of our amazing green season.

And green it is, from crisp lettuce and rocket to fresh avocado (like fresh off the tree!) and chilled cucumber. Like most of the produce we use in our meals, our tomatoes are locally grown and picked for their fabulous flavour.

“I love making salads,” says chef Shylet. “I love the colours and textures and putting it all together in a big bowl. It’s what summer is all about,” she adds.

Shylet and the team go to great lengths to ensure that everything on the menu at Nyala Safari Lodge and Nyala Sands is as fresh as it can be.

“We use only the freshest local produce and go shopping regularly in the nearby town of Hoedspruit to make sure that we get the best seasonal salads, vegetables and fruits,” says Shylet, who also loves to bake bread and rolls every day.

Lunches are deliberately light and served in the early afternoon, coming on the back of a hearty breakfast which is served when guests return from their morning game drive.

“Our breakfasts are very filling,” laughs Shylet. “With a range of cereals, fruits and yoghurts, pancakes, toast and a full English cooked breakfast as well!”

You definitely won’t go hungry here in the bush!

Afternoon game drives include a stop for sundowners with some scrumptious snacks as well, from mixed nuts and crisps to the local specialities – droewors (dried sausage) and biltong (beef jerky). And you have to remember to keep space for a sumptuous three-course dinner, which is preceded by drinks and some tasty hors d’oeuvres around the camp fire!

So go into training before you come and visit, and be prepared for a culinary safari of note!

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